Audrey Eudo - Mobile Services

Welcome to the world of eyelash extensions!

Revolutionary and innovative, eyelash extensions give you a glamorous look and simplify your life,

Mink or Silk Eyelashes are applied one by one on your natural lashes giving you length and volume,

You don't need to wear mascara anymore, these lashes are already black and curved!


As an eyelash specialist I proudly offer:

  • 8 years of experience 
  • Tailored advice on the kind and size of lashes you need to get the look you are looking for
  • I only use the best products on the market - the quickest glue, water dry in 2 hours instead of 48 hours for other brands 
  • I will meet you everywhere in Hong-Kong at home or at your office


You will find more details in the Q&A but don't hesitate to contact me for any question!

Here is an example of before/after treatment: